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Co-Founder, Instructor

As a co-founder of South Shore Safety, Bette is a dedicated health educator with a passion for teaching all aspects of child safety. With a wealth of knowledge from her experience as a licensed practical nurse and master certified tobacco treatment specialist, she specializes in safety programs for children, as well as helping teens and adults quit all forms of tobacco, including vaping. Her dynamic teaching style focuses on interactive activities, engaging her students, and making the classes fun. Staying current on health and safety research is a priority, so she can keep her classes up-to-date with the latest science. Bette’s favorite thing is spending time with family and friends. Italian cooking is her specialty and she enjoys tending to her garden, taking road trips, and traveling to faraway places.


Co-Founder, Instructor

As a co-founder of South Shore Safety, and owner of South Shore Karate, LLC, Denise has found a way to combine her experience in health care with her love of martial arts. At South Shore Safety, she draws on her twenty years of experience as karate instructor and a sixth-degree black belt to teach personal safety techniques and awareness in our classes in a variety of  at schools, medical and corporate settings, recreation centers, shelters, and more. Her volunteer work with homeless and battered women has reinforced her commitment to empowering women and children through teaching assertiveness and the importance of setting boundaries in our everyday encounters. When Denise isn't kicking, punching or teaching, she loves spending quality time with her husband and daughter, taking road trips, treasure hunting in antique shops, hanging out and watching sports, or baking yummy treats for friends and family.


As a former elementary school teacher and a mom to children with food allergies for more than a decade, Meghan Neri brings a wealth of experience and expertise in food allergy management and safety to the South Shore Safety team. She offers a class that was inspired by a need in the food allergy community to find babysitters and caregivers who understand food allergies. Meghan uses fun and interactive activities to share food allergy facts, the nuances of cross-contact and potential risks, and more. She co-founded South Shore Allergy Families Educating (SAFE), a support group aimed at increasing food allergy awareness and connecting caregivers in the community, and serves as a member of the Food Allergy Research and Education (FARE) Support Group Leader Council. Meghan also helped her school district to develop district-wide policies and procedures, as well as a food allergy curriculum to complement their K-5 Health curriculum. Between classes, you may find Meghan wading in the ocean or relaxing on the beach with her husband and two children. She loves to go for walks, explore the great outdoors, read a good book, or spend the night at home telling funny stories or enjoying a movie night with her family.

Meet Our Team: Team


First Aid Instructor

Cheryl Mitchell, M.D. is a family physician with 30 years of experience treating acute and
chronic health issues in patients of all ages. After recently retiring from 20 years at
Cohasset Family Practice, Dr. Mitchell is excited to be working with South Shore Safety
and teaching kids about first aid, prevention and treatment. Within weeks of teaching
her first class for South Shore Safety, the mom of one of her participants emailed that
her daughter saved her life using the Heimlich Maneuver, which she learned in Cheryl’s

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